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Sometimes you have to fall to get where you're really supposed to be.


Do you ever look back at a moment in your life that was really hard, a moment where you just wanted the ground to open and swallow you up because it was so deeply humiliating -- and realize that moment was pivotal to who you are now?

It's so crazy to me how moments like that can really build us. Like, they can break us for a moment, but we rise up better than we were before.

Just before I found PMU, I hit rock bottom. I had just gotten fired, I had just gotten a divorce, I had no college education and no real sense of self. I was, you know, a broke bitch. I think a lot of the time it's easy for you to look at me where I am now and think I've always had all of this. But that couldn't be further from the truth!

So in this episode, we're going to explore my past a bit and remember where it all began. Because trust me if I can do this you can too.



Here are...

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Don't you ever wish you could just print extra money?


Well, I've got the hookup sister. I've been using Instagram to print money for years.

Okay, so it doesn't actually print extra money. But it does something even better. In this episode, my friend and Beauty Angels founder, Kler Rosenberg, and I are going to tell you exactly how you can turn your Instagram into a money-making machine.

Every day, Instagram sells my products for me. When my salon was open, it sold brows, every day. Each post, each comment, each interaction was like more money printed directly into my wallet, okay? And this is something that you can learn to do too TODAY.

We also talk about how you can create genuine, lasting relationships and friendships in the PMU industry! No fake friends here.

Let's get into it!


Here are the episode highlights:

‣‣  [02:48] How do you know when it's time to let a friendship go?

‣‣  [11:27]  Let's talk about...

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I'm ready to share my secrets with you.


Yeah, you heard me. I'm ready to tell all.

I am going to share, in detail, my 2021 social media strategy. I am literally going to tell you exactly what my strategy is for this year to experience MASSIVE growth not just on social media but within my business. I'm talking new clients, more sales, more interaction.

If you find yourself constantly complaining about the algorithm, if you're tired of feeling stuck and stagnant while your competitors seem to be thriving, I've got you, girl. I'm here for you, okay? It's not the algorithm. You have complete control over your success. So I'm just going to hand you my social media strategy and we're going to make 2021 a success together. Let's do this.



Here are the episode highlights:

‣‣  [02:48 What is the problem with your social media growth? Why are you stunted? I'll tell you EXACTLY why. And it's not the algorithm.

‣‣ ...

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The reason you're not as successful as you want to be is because you've given yourself another option.


You HAVE to get over yourself.

We're serving up some tough love in this episode, okay? Because I love you - I do. I want you to succeed. I want you to be the BEST you can be.

But if you are just dragging yourself down day after day, woe is me, complaining and crying about how hard it is for you to build this business of your dreams right now - for WHATEVER reason - that's just not it, mama. Look me in the eye and tell me you're your best self right now. Go on. Do it. Exactly.

Life happens okay I get it. COVID hit us all! It came in like a little wrecking ball and knocked all of us down and we didn't even see it coming. But you know who made it out a winner last year? Those who didn't quit. The people that didn't give up. The people who got knocked down, cried about it for a little bit, and then got their butts back up and got to work. The...

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Ep. 142: The Cold Hard Truth About Making Money In The Beauty Business



I've got to be honest with you...


2020 was one of my worst years for my business. I know a lot of people could probably say the same thing. But here's the thing: it was also the best year for my business.

I know you're like "what Sheila? How can it be both?" And I understand the confusion. When quarantine started in March, I came crashing down. I was at my lowest of lows, the brokest I'd been since I'd started in PMU. BUT I turned it around and ended up having my most successful, most lucrative month in my business ever, this past December.

I don't say it to brag. I say it because I want you to know that you can do the same thing. I made a lot of money last year and I plan on making more this year. But in order to get to this level - we have to talk about the cold hard truth of making money. We're lifting the veil, okay? We're talking about it. So if you want to know how you can make this your best year yet, if you want some serious...

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Ep. 141: Lash Anarchist Own Who You Are And Get What You Want In The Beauty Industry


You have to stop second guessing yourself - show up exactly as you are.


You guys, for this episode, I'm bringing on someone who I think is totally going to change your life. She is such a motivator. You know how one of my goals for this year is to lean into my truth more? Well, this girl is's her whole brand.

Okay, okay I'm talking about Ali Lilly AKA Lash Anarchist. Come on with that name! Not only is Ali just a revolutionary in the lash world but she's also a coaching client of mine! Yeah, Ali's one of my students. And she's also a good friend. And in this episode, she has some gifts for you. I know that a lot of people struggle being authentic online. A lot of people struggle with finding their own unique brand that will help them stand out. Why? Because that means being yourself. And that is SCARY. Because people on the internet can be really mean. It's a vulnerable position, I know.

But Ali has built this entire brand, Lash...

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Ep. 140: Be Careful Who You Share Your Goals With


You can NOT and SHOULD NOT be sharing your goals with everyone.


Goals and dreams are precious, okay? They're important and you can't just share them with every single person in your life because not everyone is going to understand them. And each time you're faced with doubt, even when it comes from a good place, it'll diminish that glow more and more.

I will never tell someone "okay reel it in there, let's be realistic about this, don't go chasing that goal." Like, look at me. If I didn't go chasing my "crazy" goal of becoming filthy rich tattooing FACES for a living - well neither of us would be here, would we? I'm a firm believer of finding that bright shiny goal and going after that. I mean, that's what we do in Pretty Rich Bosses, right? We give women like you the tools they need to make that bright shiny goal a reality. And sometimes we have to do some serious convincing because so many people have shared their dreams with people that...

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Ep. 139: @beautybydrcat, Dr. Cat on Plastic Surgery, Being on Dr. 90210 on E!, Cattyness in the beauty business & important life lessons


"Be yourself and believe in yourself."


Those are the sage words from this episode's guest, Dr. Cat. If you don't already know her, you need to get on that quick. Go follow her on IG. Right now. Did you follow her? Okay. Good.

So Dr. Cat is an incredible board-certified plastic surgeon based in Beverly Hills CA who pioneered labiaplasty and has changed the lives of SO MANY women. She's not only an incredible surgeon but she is one of the bravest, most sure of herself women I've had the pleasure to talk to. She's also like, the sister I always wanted. We have so much in common and even though we haven't had the chance to meet in person I just feel so connected to her. I understand her and her story and she understands me. And I know a lot of you will connect with her too.

In this episode, we're going to get real deep. We're gonna dig into some of the darkest points of Dr. Cat's life, how she got out of them, her best advice...

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Ep. 138: Money Mindset And My Sales Squad


It's time for us to take our relationship to the next level...

I want you to meet...

My team.


That's right, it's time! Listen, when 2020 got flipped upside down and we all had to close our doors and hole up in our apartments for the rest of the year, frozen in panic, I got to work building a team. And thanks to the work my team and I have done we made 2020 one of the best years of my business - in spite of it all!

I know hiring is something that scares a lot of people. It takes a lot of trust. But I actually have a lot of experience building good teams - first with my salon and now with my online business. And so I want to take a moment to introduce you to my ever-growing team because I'm honestly amazed by how we all just came together. Most of us have never in met in person, okay? We're all over the place because we work from home. We have team members in California, Missouri, Georgia. We're all around. But we've really become like a family...

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The power has been inside you all along.


I was having a conversation with a friend earlier today and I realized that something we all struggle with is seeking external validation. I think especially as women we learn to seek approval from others and we always think that the "right" thing to do is to put everyone else before ourselves. It can be really hard to realize that you're putting all of your worth into other people. That you're measuring your own self-worth by how others see you. 

It's a hard thing to beat but I think it's really important to talk about. I see a lot of girls who will start getting really down on themselves because they haven't been getting as many likes lately. Or their views seem to have gone down. And suddenly they start to feel worthless. But those are all external factors. And they're temporary. Which means that this feeling is also temporary. 

So today I want to give you a good dose of positivity. If...

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