Ep. 135: 2021 Beauty Industry Predictions With Mimi Johnson Influencer And Beauty Business Brand Marketer


2020 was unpredictable - but can we make predictions for 2021?


It's been one crazy year. Totally unpredictable. And it's been really hard for a lot of us. My salon has been shut down for most of the year. We shut down in March, opened for a little while in June, and then shut down again. Some people have completely lost their brick and mortar, some people have just had to totally shut down.

One thing that this year has taught me is the magic of a pivot. I think we all have to be prepared to pivot at any time - that's the key to survival. So maybe we can't plan everything down to a tee for 2021 BUT we can prepare ourselves to shift our business at any moment.

So for this episode, we have the incredibly talented Mimi Johnson, microblader, influencer, and beauty brand marketer. Since getting into the business she's become a pro at the pivot and she has some really great advice for all of you who have struggled through this...

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Ep. 134: Wanna Be Rich? You Gotta Do This First: Financial Tips To Help Your PMU And Microblading Beauty Business Level Up This New Year


DO you REALLY want to be RICH?


Because mama if you really want to be rich, if you've got some big financial plans for the new year, we have to get some things straight, okay? No more of these spaghetti entrepreneur tactics okay? In 2021 you shouldn't just be throwing all of these strategies at your business and hoping they stick. We're gonna be intentional about it.

I'm an expert in building a successful business. I'm not gonna be shy about it. I've built two successful businesses myself AND helped so many other incredible PMU artists build their own successful businesses through my program Pretty Rich Bosses. I know what I'm talking about. And in this episode, I'm going to share with you the NUMBER ONE thing you need to be doing if you want to be rich and successful. It's truly, in my expert opinion, the most important thing. So enough sitting around - let's just get right into it.



Here are the episode highlights:

‣‣ ...

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Ep. 133: Beat Holiday Disappointment With PMU Artist and Celebrity Endorsed Microblader, Beauty Business Marketing Expert


This year has been a long, challenging year - and the holidays can really highlight what's been missing.


The holidays can do two things: they can remind us of everything that we're lucky to have and they can remind us of everything we don't. Maybe it's the mom in me but I can't stand the idea of anyone being disappointed during the holidays. That disappointment usually comes from people, our expectations of those people, and the ways those people might let us down.

So for this episode, I want to share some of my advice for beating that holiday disappointment. It's a short one but a good one, so let's get right into it.





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Here are the links that were mentioned in the podcast! 

Pretty Rich Bosses

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Text me! (310) 388-4588



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Ep. 132: Social Media Sales With Savanna Boda, The Dallas Esthetician


The key to your success is honesty.


That's honesty with yourself, honesty with your customers, and honesty in your marketing. That can sound scary to a lot of people. A lot of us grow up thinking that we have to hide parts of ourselves to be accepted or to feel like we belong.

Savanna Boda, the beautiful and talented Dallas Esthetician, has experienced a lifetime of hiding and minimizing herself for the sake of others. But when she learned to be honest with herself and honest in her social media - when she started to show up as who she TRULY is and not who she feels she needs to be - well, the girl's 23, and she's already experienced massive success in such a short time.

I love Savanna. I feel like we're twins. I mean just look at our IG accounts! She's a girl after my own heart, truly. That's why I wanted to have her on my podcast - because I know you're going to LOVE her. She gives a lot of really good insight on social media sales, how...

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Ep. 131: A Guide To Hiring An Artist For Your PMU Or Lash Studio What You Need To Know In Order To Scale Your Beauty Business


When change scares you, that is typically a sign of growth.


A lot of beauty business owners will get to the point in their careers where they have all of the clients they wanted, are booked out months in advance the way they wanted, but they're not making the money they wanted. They're stressed out and all signs point to needing to hire more people for their team.

But that's scary, right? Because you're at the point you wanted to reach, you're in a place where you're comfortable, but suddenly there's a change in front of you that's scary. But that fear is typically a sign of growth. And if you want to make more money in your business then you have to grow and if you want to grow you have to do the uncomfortable things. Like I say, you have to do it scared. That's how I did it. 



Here are the episode highlights:

‣‣  [02:05]  This is the problem with being overbooked. It can feel good to say - but it's actually a SIGN...

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Ep. 130: Unbreakable Mindset With Master Barber Arthur Lyle Beauty Industry Professional


Power isn't just handed over to you - it's taken.


That's something that I like to remind you guys of because I truly believe it. Power isn't going to be handed over to you. You have to take it for yourself, believe that you have it, and use it to get what you want. We all have goals, we all have things that we want to achieve, and we all have the ability to take that power and get where we want to go.

My guest for this episode is the perfect example of this. Master Barber Arthur Lyle didn't grow up with the most perfect life. He went through a lot of challenges that most of us probably can't even imagine. But he never let those things stop him. Through his faith, he developed the Unbreakable Mindset, the thing that keeps him going no matter what life throws at him. And it's his ultimate key to success.

So what are you waiting for? Let's do this.



Here are the episode highlights:

‣‣  [11:32]  First Arthur tells us a...

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Ep. 129: Beauty Angels Founder Kler Rosenberg Opens Up About Branco Babic And Phi Brows


Kler Rosenberg has majorly transformed the beauty industry.


That's not an exaggeration. That's not a groundbreaking thing to say. It's just the truth. She's literally a master of microblading and she's teaching other microbladers her masterful skills and just building this empire of incredibly talented PMU artists. She's incredible and I'm so honored that she agreed to come on the podcast and share all of her secrets with us. (I'm kidding - Kler doesn't have secrets).

A lot of people will look at social media, look at Kler's online presence, and think "Oh well she has it made. Look at her, her life is just perfect, I bet she was born with all of this." Because we love to make assumptions about people. We love to believe that we can be little detectives and figure out an entire person's life just by looking at a couple of pictures they post online.

But Kler struggled for her success. She fought for it. She always believed in herself and she...

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Ep. 128: Make 2021 Your Best Year Yet In Your Salon, Studio, Or Online Business


2020 was the hardest year for me in my business - BUT it was also my best year yet.


I know that this year has been hard and a lot of businesses have been struggling. I don't say that I've had my best year yet to gloat - I say it because I want you to know that even through all of this struggle it is possible. 

This year is coming to a close but that doesn't mean you can't put into motion the things you need to make 2021 your best year - no matter what happens.

So I'm not going to make you wait any longer to get this juicy info, okay? Let's just jump right into this episode where I tell you exactly how I managed to make this difficult difficult year such a success.



Here are the episode highlights:

‣‣  [02:45]  2020 has been a hard year for a lot of businesses but I'm happy to say that despite having to cancel my big event Pretty Ambitious Summit and having closed my studio pretty much since March, this year has been...

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Ep. 127: Amanda Rose of HYVE Beauty Talks About Her "Growth Glow" In The PMU Industry


When you grow you glow!


I've been doing a lot of reflection lately and I'm sure you have too. We're coming up on the end of this crazy unexpected year and it's the perfect time to reflect on how we've grown over the year. You can always tell when people are experience growth because there's this glow around them. They seem brighter, happier, more confident.

A good friend of mine, Amanda Rose, has experienced a lot of growth. And I'm incredibly proud of her because we go back. We go way back. I knew her when she was at a different point in her career when she was scared and afraid to trust. And now she's different! She's...you know, grown.

So to kick off this season of reflection, goal making, and new beginnings, Amanda and I are going to talk about the growth that she's experienced and how you can experience that growth too.



Here are the episode highlights:

‣‣  [15:37]  First Amanda gives a little context to our...

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Ep. 126: Giving Thanks As Husband And Wife: Life As PMU Artist Slash Beauty Business Coach Married To A High School Educator


'Tis the season to be grateful!



2020 has been...an interesting year. It's been a year nothing like anything we've ever experienced before. But I still think there's a lot to be grateful for, a lot of good things that managed to come out of this crazy year.

So for this episode, I got on with my husband, Will, to continue our series exploring our relationship as a PMU artist slash beauty business coach and high school educator. We talk about our favorite quotes on gratitude, our thoughts on its importance, and what we're most grateful for this year.


Here are the episode highlights:

‣‣  [03:42]  It's Thanksgiving so I want to start by talking about everything that I'm so grateful for in this crazy year 2020.

‣‣  [08:20]  Will and I need to chat a little bit first about the last time he was on the podcast

‣‣  [09:48]  We want to share some of our favorite quotes about gratitude and dive into them a little...

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